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Whether it is general awareness of IT or whether it is a specific software package such as a spreadsheet, Wynlea offer customised IT training for owners and staff.of small businesses in County Durham and the North East of England.


General IT Training

Training can be provided in relation to general use of Windows products, file management, - data back up and disaster recovery plans, set up of internet accounts - adding hardware etc


Training on Word Processing spreadsheets etc.

Training on microsoft office e,g, Word and excel etc including how to create:

time saving templates for documents such as letter heads, invoices, estimates, leaflets, posters etc. etc.

spreadsheets within the context of your specific business


Training on spreadsheets written by Wynlea

Some training will be provided with any product provided by Wynlea. Further training can be negotiated.


Training Documentation

Working with your staff, Wynlea can provide easy to understand user manuals for your software and tailor made to the needs of staff.


(Note: Wynlea acknowledges that advanced use of some specialist software will require specialist IT training as recommended by the software company and will discuss with the client where this training can be accessed).

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