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Wynlea can save small businesses in County Durham and the North East Of England time and money by customising templates for letterheads, invoices, receipts and other documents.

A corporate image across all business documents is an essential element of a professional businesses and an important part of any marketing strategy.

There are many small businesses in County Durham and the North East of England where the proprietors / owners do not have the technical knowledge, or the time to design professional, time saving spreadsheets, databases or templates.

Can IT save your small business valuable time and money?

Contact Jeff at Wynlea for a no obligation discussion?


Spreadsheets and Databases

Although there are many account packages on the market, there are many businesses processes that would be completed more quickly and efficiently through a specialist spreadsheet, i.e. processes where repeated calculations or sorting of text.

e-mail Jeff at Wynlea to discuss any special requirements


Internet and e-mail policies for staff

Has your small business got a policy informing staff what they can and cannot do when using e-mail and the internet?

Have you clearly told them what is acceptable and what is not acceptable?

If NOT your computers could be at risk from viruses, and you could be personally liable for any breaches of data protection legislation committed by your staff.

Wynlea can help you develop such policies, and / or assist you with other issues of data security.


Other Documents

If you require any other computer related documents for your business, please e-mail the details and see if Wynlea can help you.


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