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The design and layout of this site is arranged increase the accessibility to those with disabilities, including those with visual impairment.

The site has been checked using two separate tools on the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), home page. All priority 1 and priority 2 issues have been fixed providing the site with a double A standard. The author attempts to aspire to triple A standard and work continues to address some of the priority 3 issues.

The normal size of the paragraph text is 12 pixels To view larger text increase the size of the text through the view menu on your browser. In Microsoft explorer choose menu 'View >> 'Text Size' >> Largest (or a size to suit.

All pages have been kept standard with navigation links provided in the left hand column and the main content in middle column.

Any sponsored links/advertisements will appear under the navigation links OR in the right hand column.

The Tab index for all links moves down the navigation links in turn i.e. top to bottom in column A, then move from top to bottom in the body of the page, i.e. column B. The tab index then moves across the bottom navigation links from left to right providing links to the various policies of the site.

If using a mouse, the background colour on all text hyperlinks changes when the mouse is hovered over them.

All images contain alternative text so that narrative software can recognise and narrate the text.

Work continues to afford ease of access to as many visitors as possible. Feedback on any access issue is welcomed via e-mail and every reasonable adjustment will be made to rectify the issue.

Note: The links to companies that appear direclty below the left navigation links are all provided in script form by tradedoubler.com. Unfortunately, these scripts do not validate and may make the image link in accessible to some disabled people. If this is found to be the case please e-mail me so I can take the issue up with the provider of the scripts.

NOTE: I have a particular interest in ensuring that websites are accessible to as many people as possible. Please click here to e-mail me regarding accessibility issues. Jeff

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